Transport information

Sample delivery time

We have a common product inventory, and most samples can be shipped to you within 2 days.

Sample shipping method

Samples are shipped by express, which takes 5-9 days, and the shipping cost is usually between $10-$30, depending on your country area and shipping weight.

Bulk Goods Delivery Time

For small batch orders (orders that meet the minimum order quantity), we can ship them to you within 7 days. For normal batch orders, our delivery time is within 15 days, and for large batch orders or customized product orders, our delivery time is within 20-40 days. The specific delivery time is subject to our sales staff.

Logistics transportation method

We support express, air, sea, and railway transportation. According to your order quantity, we will give you the best logistics selection suggestion.

Transit time for different logistics transportation methods

  • Express: usually 5-9 days (applicable to sample orders)
  • Air: usually 7-9 days (applicable to urgent orders and small batch orders)
  • Sea: usually 20-60 days (applicable to normal batch orders)
  • Railway: usually 30-60 days (applicable to normal batch orders)

Process for shipment after receiving the order

We have organized a transportation department, and if the sales department sends a request for transportation, they will arrange all the transportation. First, we will check the safest, fastest and cheapest freight company to transport the drill to the port in China. We will arrange shipment according to customer requirements, and provide waybill number or BOL when shipping. We will also check the ETA.

How can I track my package?

We divide the transportation process into two parts. In the first stage, the goods are in the Chinese factory. After the factory shipment, we will create a transportation number from the factory to the port in China. When the goods arrive at the port, our cooperative freight agent will arrange international logistics transportation. When they ship, they will provide us with international logistics number. We will use email to notify our customers of each stage of transportation.

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