OEM/ODM Customized Service

We provide OEM brand customization service, which can customize unique, high-quality, brand-oriented and personalized brand products according to customers’ requirements and needs, to meet customers’ needs, help customers build their own brand image, and realize the value of brand promotion.

Brand packaging customization

Brand packaging customization

Mark your brand on the product

Engrave your brand on the product

brand label customization

Brand label customization

Brand product appearance & size customization

Brand product appearance & size customization

OEM Brand Customization MOQ Reference Table

TypesPackaging Custom (MOQ)Logo Custom (MOQ)Brand Label Custom (MOQ)product appearance & size Custom (MOQ)
Metal Drill Bit5000pcs100pcs1000pcs1000pcs
Wood Drill Bit5000pcs1000pcs1000pcs1000pcs
Diamond Drill Bit2000pcs100pcs500pcs1000pcs
Masonry Drill Bit5000pcs1000pcs5000pcs1000pcs
Hole Saw2000pcs500pcs2000pcs500pcs
Thread Tap5000pcs500pcs1000pcs1000pcs
Countersink Bit2000pcs100pcs1000pcs1000pcs
Carbide Burr2000pcs500pcs1000pcs1000pcs
Glass Cutter2000pcs500pcs500pcs1000pcs

Note: The minimum order quantity in this table is for reference only, and the real minimum order quantity (MOQ) depends on the customized product design and official quotation.

OEM/ODM Customization Process

OEM/ODM Customization Process

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