After-sales service

Adhering to the tenet of honesty and cooperation, sincere service and customer-oriented, ZhongZuan Tools provides comprehensive after-sales technical support.

After-sales Service Content and Responsibilities

After-sales technical support is responsible for any problems in the use of the product reported by customers and can recommend suitable product models according to the information provided by customers.

Product Quality Issues:

  • The welding of the product is obviously not firm, the edge is broken or missing, and the base is obviously damaged or bent.
  • The product has serious rust on the surface and serious paint shedding.
  • The product is damaged or the packaging is damaged during transportation.
  • If there is a shortage of goods or omission.

We promise that for the above product quality problems, as many as you return! Customers will take photos and videos of the goods with quality problems and send them to us for confirmation and return. We will immediately organize new goods for customers to deliver. If there is a shortage of goods or omission, customers will send us the actual quantity received and we will check it out immediately after receiving the feedback. After confirmation and verification, we will organize the goods to be resent as soon as possible.

After-sales Support Contact Information

Tel: +86 023-65066925
At the same time, you can also give feedback to our sales staff about after-sales problems.

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After-sales service

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